1. All stays available in 1 mm width sections
  2. Aluminum stays with 4 screw-fixing points for extreme loads
  3. Roller stays
  4. Aluminum hole stays
  5. Mounting frame stays 
  6. Aluminum cover available in 1 mm width sections
  7. Joint design with hardened bolts for long service life
  8. Bolted and riveted joint connections possible
  9. Straight link plate design (S/SX1252/1252B and S/SX1802/1802B)
  10. Cranked link plate design
  11. Different separation options for the cables
  12. Quick opening inside and outside
  13. Extremely robust side bands
  14. Replaceable glide shoes
  15. End connectors for different connection variants


  • Extremely robust, sturdy steel cable carriers for heavy mechanical loads and rough environmental conditions
  • Side bands made of galvanized steel (S series) or corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant steel (SX series) in three qualities: ER 1 / ER 1S and ER 2
  • Very sturdy link plates, each consisting of two individual plates
  • Very extensive unsupported lengths even with large additional loads
  • Bolted stay systems, solid end connectors
  • Joint design with multi stroke system and hardened bolt
  • Explosion protection with classification EX II 2 GD as per ATEX RL

The design

Proven steel cable carriers with extremely sturdy link plates and dedicated joint design with multi stroke system and hardened bolt. The extremely sturdy design allows extensive unsupported lengths and high possible additional loads.

Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 1 mm increments
Long travel length
High additional load
Opens inward/outward
Covered cable carrier
Sliding dividers
Height separation possible
Resistant to hot chips
Flame-resistant V0 (UL94)
Flame-resistant V2 (UL94)
S/SX series Features 1

Sandwich design: Link plates consist of two plates

S/SX series Features 2

Glide shoes available for gliding applications

S/SX series Features 3

Stroke system with hardened bolt and circlips

S/SX series Features 4

Also available as covered variants with cover system or steel band cover













Important information

Cable carriers of types 5000 – 8000 are customized products for special applications, e.g. offshore use.