The extensive range of accessories allow cable carriers to be ideally adapted to your specific application. With the accessories for the cable carriers, the cable routing can be assembled from standard components to form a complete cable carrier system. We can also supply a pre-assembled TOTALTRAX® complete system.


  • Support tray and guide channels made from steel and aluminum
  • Driver connection for optimum transfer of the cables and hoses to the consuming units
  • Support rollers for longer unsupported lengths
  • Support and guide elements for optimum gliding and rolling
  • RSC – rolling instead of gliding on particularly long travel lengths
  • Strain reliefs for optimum placement with dynamic use of cables
  • Steel band covers as continuous, cost-effective protection against chips and other external influences
  • Opening tools reduce assembly times and save costs

Products Accessories

Support trays

An even surface is required for reliable unrolling of the unsupported cable carrier. If this is not already provided on site, a support tray has to be used. If required, we supply our cable carriers with a suitable support tray for your application. This ensures quiet movement of the lower run with reduced wear, reducing costs and design work. All support trays are available in zinc plated sheet steel or stainless steel. The selection depends on the conditions of use. The simple design allows easy fixing and omits complex individual constructions. The standard lengths are 2000 mm / 3000 mm. Special lengths on request. 

Guide Channels

Guide channels are important elements for the reliable functioning with long travel lengths. The upper run of the cable carrier slides on the lower run and on the sliding area of the guide channel behind the fixed point. Guide channels prevent the upper run from slipping off the lower run, ensuring quiet running with low wear. For vertical applications such as elevators or storage and retrieval systems, a vertical channel provides optimum guiding.

Condition Monitoring

Knowing what‘s (not) up

Floating Moving Device

Optimum transfer of cables

Support rollers

Ball-bearing rollers for long service life

RSC – Roller Supported Chain

Cable carriers on rollers for particularly long travel lengths

Strain relief devices

For optimum placement with dynamic use of cables

KABELSCHLEPP® strain reliefs were developed especially for use in cable carriers. We offer the best solution for each of many different areas of application. The type of strain relief to be selected depends on cable type, length of the cable carrier and installation position. 

Steel band covers

Continuous, cost-effective protection against chips and other external influences

Opening tools

Reduce assembly times and save costs