UNIFLEX Advanced series

* Some features can be different for certain types for design reasons.

  1. Universal mounting bracket (UMB) with integratable strain relief comb
  2. Designs with inside or outside opening crossbars
  3. Extremely fast and easy to open due to ball joint mechanism
  4. Top-mounted frame stay
  5. Single-part links (type 020) 
  6. Favourable ratio of inner to outer width
  7. Many separation options for the cables
  8. Robust double-stroke system for long unsupported lengths
  9. Easy divider fixing 
  10. Very quiet through integrated noise damping
  11. Lateral wear surfaces
  12. Single-part end connectors with integratable strain relief comb


  • Extensive unsupported lengths
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Good ratio of inner to outer width
  • Numerous custom material types for custom applications available
  • Easy assembly and fast cable laying
  • Assembly tools available
  • Stays with ball joint opening on both sides
  • Many possibilities for internal subdivision
  • Wear surfaces for gliding applications with extended travel lengths
Long travel length
Cannot be opened
Opens outward
Opens inward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
Clean room suitable
Quiet running/low noise
ESD material
Flame-resistant V0 (UL94)
Flame-resistant V2 (UL94)
UNIFLEX Advanced series Features 1

fig. 1


UNIFLEX Advanced series Features 2

fig. 2

fig. 1 + fig. 2

Fixable dividers for arrangements rotated by 90° and applications with high lateral accelerations – no additional spacers required

UNIFLEX Advanced series Features 3

Lateral wear surfaces – for long service life for applications where the carrier is rotated through 90°

UNIFLEX Advanced series Features 4

Simple fixing of strain relief comb or C-Rail in the connector