1. End connectors with strain relief comb
  2. Very long service life – no links and therefore no link wear
  3. Very good ratio of usable space to outer dimensions
  4. Variant for office use
  5. Solid plastic cable carrier
  6. Cables are simply pressed in


  • Quiet running through short pitch 
  • Low-vibration operation 
  • Ideal for short travel lengths and high travel speeds
  • Gentle on the cables due to virtually no polygon effect
  • Cost savings through easy cable installation
  • Installation of pre-assembled cables also possible
  • Belt with clip-on side parts 
  • Easy adaptation of the chain length
  • Low weight, good ratio between inner and outer width
High travel acceleration
High travel velocity
Opens outward
Quiet running/low noise
PROTUM series Features 1

End connectors with integrated strain relief comb

PROTUM series Features 2

Cables are simply pressed in

PROTUM series Features 3

The basic structure: belt with clip-on side parts

PROTUM series Features 4

PROTUM OFFICE for office furniture and interiors




P0240 GS

P0400 GS