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Vertical Guide System (TKVG)

Guide channels for vertical hanging applications

Vertical Guide System Start
  • Ready-to-install channel system made of aluminum.
  • Standardized module.
  • Easy installation.
  • For elevators, storage and retrieval systems and many other applications.
Aluminum channel system for UNIFLEX Advanced

The ready-to-install channel system for vertical hanging applications from TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is ideal for use in fast moving storage and retrieval systems with high lateral accelerations. Other typical fields of application are lifters, elevators, construction elevators, crane elevators or lifts. As a ready-to-connect complete system including driver, cables and strain reliefs, it is very easy to install. Standard parts result in short delivery times and a cost efficient solution. This allows energy and data to be transferred within one system reliably and without interruptions.

  • Standardized for UNIFLEX Advanced 1555
  • Available from 75 mm inner width and 125 mm bending radius
  • Other series and types on request
  • Suitable for extremely long travel lengths
  • Fixed point offset possible
  • Fixed point connection alternatively left or right
  • Cable outlet on the driver alternatively towards the front or rear
  • Standard lengths of the aluminum profile. Custom lengths also possible on request
  • Mounting distance of the channel brackets flexibly adaptable
  • Optional C-rails for assembly
  • Attachment parts in galvanized steel or stainless steel
Vertical Guide System Features
  1. Driver
  2. Channel side wall
  3. Fixed point
  4. Standard for driver arm
Assembly profiles for guide channels
Guide channels - Assembly profiles
  • Assembly profiles with sloping sides can be used for all guide channels for fastening
  • Lengths in 50 mm grid possible
C-profile, perforated, 34 x 15 mm
Vertical Guide System C-Profil Perforated 34x15 EN

(slot width 16 – 17 mm)

Material: Steel
Article no.: 3938

Material: Stainless steel (ER 1S)
Article no.: 3939

Attach profile with cheese-head screws M8 – DIN 6912


C-profile, perforated, 40 x 22 mm
Vertical Guide System C-Profil Perforated 40x22 EN

(slot width 18 mm)

Material: Steel
Article no.: 3940

Material: Stainless steel (ER 1S)
Article no.: 3941

Attach profile with cheese-head screws M8 – DIN 6912


Vertical Guide System Assembly Profiles (2)
Subject to change.