1. Aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections
  2. Aluminum stays with 4 screw-fixing points for extreme loads
  3. Aluminum hole stays
  4. Plastic rolling stays
  5. Can be opened on the inside and the outside for installation of cables and hoses
  6. Replaceable glide shoes
  7. Sturdy end connectors made of steel
  8. Flange connection


  • Sizes/dimensions
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Optimum force transmission via the large-surface stroke system (2 disc principle)
  • Plastic side bands in combination with aluminum stays
  • Versions with aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections up to 1000 mm inner width
  • Can be opened on both sides
  • Large selection of stay systems and separating options for cables
  • Optionally with strain relief
Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 1 mm increments
Long travel length
High additional load
Opens inward/outward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
XL series Features 1

Bolted stays for maximum stability even for large cable carrier widths

XL series Features 2

Replaceable glide shoes for long service life for gliding applications

XL series Features 3

Sturdy end connectors made of steel (different connection variants)

XL series Features 4

Many separation options for the cables