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K series

Cost-effective, robust cable carrier – suitable for large additional loads

K series Overview
  1. Aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections
  2. Aluminum stays in reinforced version
  3. Aluminum stays with 4 screw-fixing points for extreme loads
  4. Aluminum hole stays
  5. Mounting frame stays 
  6. Plastic stays available in 8 or 16 mm width sections
  7. Can be opened quickly on the inside and the outside for cable laying
  8. Fixable dividers
  9. Molded slide runners
  10. Slide discs
  11. C-rail for strain relief elements
  12. Strain relief elements
  13. Universal end connectors (UMB)


  • Stable sidebands through robust link plate design
  • Encapsulated, dirt-resistant stroke system
  • Long service due to minimized hinge wear owing to the “life extending 2 disc principle“
  • Versions with aluminum stays available in 1 mm width sections up to 700 mm inner width
  • Versions with plastic stays available in 8 or 16 mm width sections
  • Large selection of vertical and horizontal stay separation options for your cables
Inner width (B<sub>i</sub>) in 1 mm increments
Long travel length
High additional load
Opens inward/outward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
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K series Features 1

Minimized hinge wear owing to the “life extending 2 disc principle“

K series Features 2

Slide discs for long service life for applications where the carrier is rotated through 90°

K series Features 3

Molded slide runners for long service life in sliding arrangement

K series Features 4

Many separation options for the cables




Inner heights [hi]:
38 – 42 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
68 – 600 mm
Pitch [t]:
65 mm
Bending [KR]:
75 – 300 mm
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Inner height [hi]:
58 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
81 – 700 mm
Pitch [t]:
90 mm
Bending [KR]:
130 – 385 mm
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Subject to change.