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Custom sizes

For over 60 years, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP has been developing and manufacturing steel cable carriers which are used in a great variety of applications, from steel works and shipbuilding to offshore oil rigs. We comply with the required quality and industry standards and are happy to develop customized solutions for your individual projects. We can manufacture special sizes in different materials as per your requirements.

  • Individual problem solutions from an experienced engineering team
  • Maintenance-free systems with a high level of reliability and availability
  • Different materials adapted to the area of application
  • Resistant to temperature, corrosion, chemicals and UV
  • Suitable for use with salt water
  • Explosion protection with classification EX II 2 GD as per ATEX RL
  • Linear and rotating travel paths possible
  • Easy and flexible assembly with modular design
  • Cable weights of over 1000 kg/m possible
  • Long service life
Subject to change.