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TKP35 series

Robust all-rounder with variable inner distribution

TKP35 series Overview
  1. Dividers and height partitions for cable separation
  2. Designs with inward or outward opening crossbars
  3. Easy and quick to open at any position
  4. Integrated noise damping
  5. Interior space is gentle on the cables without sharp edges
  6. End connectors with optional strain relief


  • Robust and extremely rigid stroke system 
  • Quiet operation due to internal dampening system 
  • Weight-optimized cable carrier geometry
  • Interior without sharp edges, design that protects the cable 
  • Variable inner distribution 
  • Vertical moveable dividers or with arresting cams, can be attached at 2-mm increments (not Bi 16) 
  • Easy-to-open versions, left or right (not Bi 16)
  • Quick and easy to open
  • Optional strain relief can be fully integrated into the end connector
Opens outward
Opens inward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
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TKP35 series Features 1

Reliable cable separation through fixable dividers

TKP35 series Features 2

Design 030 with outside opening and detachable crossbars on both sides

TKP35 series Features 3

Design 040 with inside opening and detachable crossbars on both sides

TKP35 series Features 4

Optimised utilisation of the interior space; vertical and horizontal inner distribution possible




Inner height [hi]:
32 mm
Inner widths [Bi]:
16 – 50 mm
Pitch [t]:
35 mm
Bending [KR]:
48 – 125 mm
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