1. Very short steel end connectors
  2. Plastic chain links
  3. Extensive unsupported length
  4. Link system repels dust and chips
  5. Smooth surface for smooth running
  6. Inside openable (design 040)
  7. Dividers and height separations for cable separation


  • High torsional rigidity
  • Optimised dividers to protect cables: rounded inner and outer profile
  • Extensive unsupported length
  • New dirt-resistant design of the chain links to protect against dust and chips
  • Smooth surface for optimum running
  • Closed and openable designs
  • Very short end connectors
  • Fixable dividers
  • Optimised stroke system
  • High side stability
  • Space-saving design for small spaces
Long travel length
Cannot be opened
Opens inward
Sliding dividers
Fixable dividers
Height separation possible
ESD material
Flame-resistant V0 (UL94)
Flame-resistant V2 (UL94)
TKK series Features 1

Optimised divider design to protect cables

TKK series Features 2

New design of chain links. Link system repels dust, chips and dirt

TKK series Features 3

Very short end connectors