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P0240 GS


This variant for office use is based on the PROTUM® cable carrier system.

24 mm
Inner height
Inner height
10 mm
Inner width
Inner width
50 mm
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With in inner width of 50 mm and cable installation on both sides, PROTUM OFFICE offers sufficient space for telecommunication, energy and data cables in modern offices. The linkless design can blend into the environment as a design element, e.g. with an elegant silver-grey optic.

Small, light cable carrier

  • Long service life – no links and therefore no link wear
  • Good ratio of usable space to outer dimensions
  • Easy installation by pressing in the cables
  • Easy to install and fill
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Clean, space-saving installation
  • Can be filled on one or both sides

Easy and fast installation

  • Connections for all smooth surfaces
  • Standard connection for table frame, round and square outside the footwell
  • Up to 4 installation options, depending on connection (magnets, screws, cable ties and adhesive tape)
  • Floor connection for sturdy positioning and floor connection

Stay variants

P0240 GS 010 Stay variants

P0240 GS.010

Frame with lamellae in the outer radius

  • Belt with clip-on side parts.
  • One-sided: for pressing in.
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