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Strain relief devices

For optimum placement with dynamic use of cables

KABELSCHLEPP® strain reliefs were developed especially for use in cable carriers. We offer the best solution for each of many different areas of application. The type of strain relief to be selected depends on cable type, length of the cable carrier and installation position. 

Stay variants

LineFix® clamps

  • Optimized foot geometry for secure seating in the C-rail.
  • For one cable and two or three cables stacked.
  • For C-rails with 11 mm slot width.
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Strain relief combs

  • Higher fixing force than single-sided strain relief comb.
  • Uniform force transmission in push and pull direction.
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SZL strain reliefs

  • Gentle on the cables through large contact area with the cables.
  • Simple mounting without tools.
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Block clamps

  •   For strain relief of hoses.
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Assembly profiles

  • Assembly profiles for strain relief elements
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Subject to change.