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The right solution for any requirement. The mixture makes the difference!
Delivering a cable carrier that perfectly fits to the requirements of each individual application is why TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP manufactures cable carrier systems in different materials – full-plastic, steel, stainless steel or hybrid in a mixture of plastic and aluminium.


Standard Applications

Solid plastic cable carriers with fixed chain widths

  • Our basic program includes different product types with simple design and predefined chain widths. 
  • All product types combine robustness and reliability with an excellent price-performance ratio. 
  • Cables can be quickly and easily installed into these carriers.
  • Covered and fully enclosed product types guarantee optimum protection of cables and hoses against chips and other coarse dirt.

Advanced Applications

Cable and hose carrier systems with variable chain widths

  • You would like something extra? These types of products offer more variability in chain width and more separation options within the cable carrier compared to our standard program.
  • Thus, a safe and efficient devisioning is possible even for the most complex cable configurations. 
  • Hoses and cables with large diameters can also be easily  accommodated and guided.  Closed  systems provide optimum protection.

Extreme Applications

Steel cable carrier system

  • Special applications require the use of special cable carrier systems.
  • Our cable carriers of steel and stainless steel are first choice when it comes to extreme heat or other extremely harsh conditions such as those prevailing in the mining, smelting or oil & gas industry.
  • Customized separation options offer perfect protection for cables and hoses even under high mechanical loads.
3D-Line Overview

3D Applications

Cable and hose carrier systems for 3D movements

  • Multidimensional rotating and swiveling movements require a cable carrier that follows reliably all movements while securely leading and protecting all cables and hoses.
  • ROBOTRAX® combines theses special properties and therefore is especially suitable for applications in robotics and automation.
  • The open design of this product allows quick cable laying and easy inspection of cables and hoses for damage once installed.
  • Additional accessories are available for further optimizing the cable carrier to customer requirement.
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